Thursday, June 10, 2010

car picnic

It's been, well, windy here. All the time. If only we had a wind turbine. (Come visit us one day, when we have our own home. It'll be fun.)

So, we have continued our family walks (because my family likes to keep me sane), but we haven't been having too many picnics in the park. We've been eating in the front seat of the car before we head out. I'm still not too keen on making elaborate meals, but I was craving a good quinoa bowl the other day. We also had chocolate-zucchini cupcakes (have I mentioned, recently, how much I love Catherine Newman's writing and recipes?...well, I do).

Pic actually helped me make the cupcakes and cake from beginning to end, this time. Usually, she's happy to help at the beginning and then she wanders off, returning when it's time to lick the egg beater.* The cake was a birthday treat for a friend my age. Some of the cupcakes were a birthday treat for a friend who is reaching her late eighties. The rest of the cupcakes stayed here.

(I was much too hungry to play around with the camera. And, although I carry my camera around with me very often, we're not on great terms right now. Ah, well.)


* It took me a sadly long time to find an egg beater and I'm not really in love with the somewhat flimsy one we finally found. I bought it at a grocery store. I have been looking at thrift shops. We really need to start getting out to yard sales. (Do you hear me Weather? We need you to behave in a pleasant fashion for those yard sales, please.)


kate said...

Ooooh, those cupcakes looks so good! And I just happen to have some freshly picked zucchini I need to use. :) Thanks for sharing.