Sunday, August 29, 2010

digital declutter (and a little night music)

There is no way I will ever, ever be able to work my way through everything hanging out on my computer. I have hundreds of e-mails, sorted nicely into neat little folders. I have almost three hundred blogs bookmarked. I have probably hundreds of articles to get around to. And, well, e-mails keep coming in, people keep posting to their blogs, people keep updating their facebook profiles, I keep adding to my many, many bookmarks files. Ugh.

Entonces, every so often, I try to declutter a bit. Because everything is contained within the very small space of my computer, it should seem unoverwhelming (yeah, yeah, not a word), but, really, everything is contained within the rather infinite space of the ether and that is incredibly overwhelming to me.

Yes, it's almost three o'clock in the morning, but I was being to feel digitally bogged down, so I'm working my way through some "to listen to" music files (y'know, like a "to do" list). Here's what I have replayed a number of times already this evening/morning:

"Stars - Dead Hearts (with lyrics in description)" [No video, just a still picture of what I'm going to say is the album cover.]