Tuesday, August 10, 2010

on united states' public education

I really needed to hear this right now, and thanks to Poke, I did. This speech is awesome. The fact that this student gave this speech in front of her classmates, her teachers and the administrators makes it even better.

"Finest Graduation Speech Ever Valedictorian Speaks Out Against Indoctrination Schooling"

I can so relate to this, even though I was not valedictorian.

I really wonder what her audience got out of this? I wonder if they went home and kept thinking about it?


~Tara said...

I wondered about the audience too and kept trying to read the adults sitting behind her. I didn't see any looks of astonishment - maybe they weren't even listening! ;) But I hope it made some impact, even if just on one person. Amazing woman, that one.

v said...

Actually, when my friend sent the video to me, she mentioned that she thought the administrator-looking people behind the speaker might be principals. At least the man looks uncomfortable to me. He seems really determined in folding that paper.