Saturday, August 28, 2010

on balance

Like many others I know, I have a problem with achieving a workable balance in my life. Right now, this is a particularly big challenge for me.

We will be working around several different schedules for the next several months. Then, we'll have a bit of a reprieve. Then, another several months of wonkiness. During this time, my main goal for myself is going to be to successfully move from one activity/one identity to the next without completely shutting down.

So, herein, I am asking for a bit of assistance of the cooking variety. Do you have any go-to meals or foods to make and freeze? Do you have any go-to cookbooks for such? We have a great, giant freezer in our garage and it is crying out to be filled with things delicious and nutritious (they don't necessarily have to taste just like chicken, mind you). Please advise.

Grazie mille.


kate said...

I wish we made freezer meals but we, unfortunately, do not have a giant freezer. I found a great cookbook for once-a-month cooking one time at the library and it really made me want to be able to do it. Anyway, some of our go to meals are:

We love this one. We serve it with Trader Joe's Brown Rice from their freezer section. (We use mild taco sauce so Bridget can eat this with us. She loves it, too!)
(BTW, I love her blog for dinner ideas. I usually get at least one or two of my ideas from her each week.)

Umm, those are the two coming to mind right now. There's always mini english muffin pizzas that we do probably more often than neccessary but I can't really send a recipe for those. :)

Good luck with everything going on right now.

kate said...

Ok, sorry. You'll have to copy-paste those links.

v said...

Thank you! For whatever reason, brown rice is the only rice I can successfully cook, so I actually like making it.

Thanks for the blog recommendation.

Also, I made myself an English muffin pizza the other day (just sauce and cheese) and I still can't believe that I had forgotten about them until you brought them up. I only got two (one muffin, sliced in half) before the English muffins were gone. I'll get some more this week.