Wednesday, August 18, 2010

personal anthem

Who else used to watch Ally McBeal? Anyone?

There was a part in the show where the title character was in therapy and her therapist (Tracy Ullman...I think it was at this part of the show, which I haven't really watched in many years) tells her to choose a personal theme song or a personal anthem or something. Since then, all those years ago, I've been wondering what mine might be. I don't know a lot of music, so I feel lucky when I come across something that just seems so uplifting or fitting or fabulous.

I heard this song in a Humans Being podcast, in which Sarah Parent is interviewing Tara Wagner. I've been listening to this a lot, trying to internalize it.

"India Arie-I Choose" [The video is just a series of pictures. The song ends at about four minutes and then there's just the continuing slideshow. Just, y'know, fyi.]

I haven't decided that this is my personal theme song or anything, or even that I am choosing a theme song, but I do so like this one.