Sunday, August 8, 2010

homeschool hike

Yesterday, we met up with our homeschooling group for a hike. It wasn't a long hike (a little over an hour), but it was fun. Pic, of course, latched onto one of the older girls. At one point, I looked up the path (Pic was well ahead of me) and saw that Pic had the other girl's hand. Pic is in love with older girls. (When Cousin K came up to visit a few years ago, Pic followed her everywhere, including the bathroom.)

After the hike and some cooling down (it was a bit toasty out), we headed out for frozen yogurt. The kids kind of separated off into their own group leaving the adults to our own group. We had a nice visit and then all headed off to our next respective stops (ours being home).

Something came up after the hike yesterday which led me to think Cardo was rethinking this whole endeavor. I was, let's say, unhappy. He later explained to me that he just has to get used to being around people who are so nice and accepting and automatically understanding. Hello! There isn't much of a better compliment to be offered. I worry, though, that Cardo must have faced some pretty cruddy people if he's surprised by being in a group of such awesome people.

So, he assures me he is still with us on this homeschooling adventure; he's just going to need some time to adjust. Considering we're doing something that isn't a part of either of our past experience, I'm also going to need time to adjust. I figure this is a whole life commitment, but I'm willing to experience it.

(Sorry for the sad lack of photos, but I was more into the hike than I was into the camera. Plus, of course, I don't post pictures of others without their permission.)