Wednesday, March 2, 2011

it's all relative

"Your Song (Ukulele Cover)"

I was listening to this song and thinking of Baz Luhrmann's William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet, but couldn't for the life of me figure out why. I finally realized I was actually thinking about Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge but the other movie is more at the forefront of my thoughts right now. Oh, how young the actors are! Oh, how strangely older (not old, really, just not young) I feel watching that movie!

Oh, and speaking of Luhrmann, he's doing The Great Gatsby to be released next year, possibly with DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby. Why can't he have already finished that? And, I'm told he's filming in 3D. Um, alrighty then. I cannot recollect ever having been to a 3D movie, and I'm having a hard time imagining this. I'm not sure I want to be that in the mix with Gatsby and Co. Also, I think there's something a bit ironic about that book in 3D. Hmm.

And, I just looked this up to see what's out there in the ether. The comments on this crack me up, although that might be a sign that I'm entirely too tired to be functioning. Wow, are people all vehement about their Luhrmann and their Gatsby. Even more entertaining than all that, though, is the following reaction to someone saying something about yet another classic being ruined:

How is it ruined? The book is still there. Baz Luhrman isn't going to break into your house, go to your bookcase and cover every page of your copy in crayon scribbles and sparklies...

Instead of the ever-popular renditions of "rainbows and unicorns," I think I'll start using "It's all crayon scribbles and sparklies here!" Yes.


Does anyone else ever think in terms of Jeopardy! categories? There are far too many people in the world for it to just be me.


One more thing? Okay. I put a NaBlo button on the side there. I don't choose to join based on when I might have the most time to actually post daily, rather I choose based on whether I like the badges or not. (The badge I chose was made by a generous NaBlo member. I really like it. I have been a bit (more) word/language/book obsessed lately as I try to figure out exactly how I'm defining myself these days.

So, here's to the possibility of daily posts around these parts.


Oh, oh, I lied. This is the last thing I'll share tonight: I'm a genius! (And, I just typed that "genious." Oy with the poodles.) I figured out how to make that badge small enough to fit my sidebar and how to get it to link back to NaBloPoMo's site when you click on it. And! And, I figured out (um, finally) how to make YouTube videos fit in the space I have available here. (That discovery process went something like, "Oh, look here at this handy little 'custom' box. I wonder what numbers I can enter to make the video-box-thing small enough to not cut off the right edge?" And, then there was some humming and entering of numbers, et voila!

So, who else is sleep-deprived?