Wednesday, March 16, 2011

what the what?!

I am lamenting that 30 Rock is not available on Netflix Instant. Also, I have to subscribe to Hulu Plus (whatever that is) to watch it there. Ah, well. I probably shouldn't be taking time out to watch that now anyhow. Give me a couple more months, though, and I'll burrow into the couch and probably watch the entire season in, um, a day.

I also just caught up on reading through angry chicken's archives and I loved every moment of it. I'm only sad that I'm caught up and now have to wait for current postings. I bookmarked about seventy gazillion posts to revisit in a couple of months. Pic and I will be mad crafters il quest estate. I love the blog beyond words.

Until then, I'll be getting by on required reading aplenty reading galore and not nearly enough sleep.

Oh, I almost forgot about Kinsey. (For shame, I know.) So, I do still have one good distraction. However, I'm currently reading Q is for Quarry, which leaves only four-and-a-half books before I'm caught up.