Monday, March 14, 2011

musical monday: rings 'n' things

"Ke$ha - We r Who We R (Sign Language)"
I've never/seen heard this song before, but I'm really liking the video.

"ASL Version Music Video-Single Ladies"
[I thought there were other dancers in this video. So, apparently, did some of the YouTube commenters. I don't know where this "other version" is they speak of. Hmm.]

These bring back memories of learning a song in ASL to perform. Peecho and I were going to perform Bette Midler's "Night and Day" but then she broke her toe and couldn't sign. (Seriously.) So, I performed "Silent Night" instead. I wasn't thrilled, but we had each only learned a part of the other song. And, anyway, I got to wear my mom's white dress that looked like an oversized fringed shawl, which I dug.


Oh, and, why not?

"Thom Yorke dances to Single Ladies"

One more note: I don't really think I get this song. The speaker (I'm not talking Beyonce, I'm talking the speaker in a literary sense) seems to be saying that she wants love and not things, but she's asking for a ring. I get the implication, but rings are things. Also, why the self-referential "it"? What's with the objectification?


Anonymous said...

I never looked as the "it" as objectification, although I can certainly see why someone would analyze it in that way. In some instances, I take the "it" to refer to her finger and at other times, to the package of her (which I somehow, in a strange way, see as different to a straight reference to "her").

An ex-boyfriend vehemently hated the song, which always sort of bothered me, because I dated him for 4.5 years, and I think he hated it because he didn't like the implication that he should put a ring on "it". :) Fortunately, I now realize I'm better off for it, much as I think some people might look at my life differently, being as I'm a single mother.