Saturday, April 30, 2011


I once again have a cell phone that works. Not that this means entirely too much. My new phone is much like my old one, except it's thinner, has a bigger screen and it really, really wants me to connect to the interweb. Grazie ma non.


Pic pulled a coat out of the closet today and asked me, "Is this yours or am I going to grow up to fit it?"

Later, as Cardo, Pic and I walked, she demonstrated on our forearms how gently she would clean an eggshell with a washcloth and proclaimed, "I'd do it like this. By the way, you're hairy. And, you too," to Cardo and me respectively. "I'm not hairy, though."

I love to listen to her questions and her observations. I love the rhythm of her speech and how she puts words together in ways that are unexpected but make total sense. (For example, she still refers to "yesterday" as "that day before this day" and other similar variations and "tomorrow" as "the day after this day.")


It's definitely time for sunhats once again, although, yes, it did lightly snow late Thursday night and/or early Friday morning.