Saturday, April 16, 2011

psa: earth day

So, Earth Day is April 22nd, but EcoNet is hosting their celebration on Sunday, May 1st at Idlewild. I'm not entirely sure why the lapse, but there it is. Not sure what I'll be looking for this year (other than the kids' booth, certo). Live music? Yes. I'm having some difficulty with the EcoNet site so I can't scope out what else there'll be.

(I just typed "scope out" which makes me feel, for whatever reason, like I'm invoking Pauly Shore. Oy.)

Usually, I'm a bit overwhelmed by the event and I don't really allow myself to absorb much. I'll try to work on that this year. (I feel like I say that about so much. How often can I avoid typing, "I'm a work in progress"?)