Wednesday, April 27, 2011

silent cell

The new phone battery got here Monday while I was out. Cardo and Pic so nicely popped it into the back of my phone and plugged the phone in to charge. Many hours later...nothing.

A new (to me) phone has been ordered. We shall see how that works. The reviews weren't stellar, but every complaint had to do with texting and I don't like texting anyhow.

Oh, and there was one complaint that there is no speed-dial either (something else I'm not concerned about) and that commenter lamented how hard that made it to use the phone while driving. (Hello!) Apparently this person either hasn't read/heard or doesn't buy into the idea that it's dangerous to drive and talk on the phone as your mind isn't wholly engaged in the haps on the road. Oy.

So, perhaps in a few days, I'll once again have long-distance and the possibility of constant access to a phone.