Sunday, April 24, 2011


So, we have family health and wellness plans for the summer. Cardo has finally, finally, finally come around to the idea of practicing yoga with me. His proposal is alternating Wing Chun with yoga and I'm all for that. Of course, for us all to be able to practice, we'll have to learn routines well enough to not have to be confined to small spaces in front of screens. We're thinking once we know what we're doing well enough, we'll practice in the park. (I'm attempting not to cringe at the thought of practicing out in a very public place, but I'm also looking forward to practicing in a place outside, a place I love so much.) Really, though, Pic and I end up kicking each other when we practice pilates here in the living room and adding another full-grown adult into the mix just isn't going to work all that well.

Okay, I realize I've gone on and one and that definitely wasn't the PSA part. Barefoot Yoga is holding a 20%-off sale for everything until the 27th, in honor of Earth Day (actually, Earth Month). I just ordered Cardo and Pic their first mats. I know mats can be had for much less at places like Ross, but I find it a bit contradictory to practice yoga or pilates on a mat that's rife with phthalates and formaldehyde and PCBs and such. (However, we're still working on our own budgeting, so I ordered them the least expensive mats available. Pic chose the color of hers and I guessed on Cardo's. When he got home, he confirmed my guess.)

What more? Just a quick reminder that the Earth Day celebration at Idlewild will be held this coming Sunday from 11-4. (I'm guess EcoNet decided to defer to the Easter-celebrants?)


And, on a more personal note, as long as I'm mentioning ordering stuff: I've ordered a phone battery and it should be here by Tuesday. I hope. I have been without a cell for over two weeks now. It hasn't been terrible and the longer I don't have it, the more I don't feel I need it (imagine that). All the same, I would like to have the convenience back in time for this summer, which is when Pic and I plan to do much wandering.

I apologize if you've called my cell and haven't heard back from me. I've had my phone for a good long time (in cell years) and I really didn't want a new one. I think I've had it about five years now? The battery finally decided to get all weird and puffy and the phone completely stopped working. I'm hoping that replacing the battery will do the trick. We'll see.