Tuesday, April 12, 2011

sleep, and the lack thereof

Oh, I am right now thinking that if I could just stay awake every night, five nights in a row and then sleep some on weekends, that would be very nice. Actually, no, I need to be more specific: I still need to be able to function at a very high level. Okay, then, Universe, I've put it out there. So much more to do before I sleep. And, silly me, I tried to take a nap earlier, but my child (who is cozily tucked into bed, snoozing away right now) bounced off of the furniture and played with every noise-making device she could find earlier...for an hour. I really am feeling for my mom who used to work nights and had to try sleeping during the day while my sister and I tromped through our house.

I have five weeks of this very intense schedule left. Then... Cardo jokes that I'll be moaning about not contributing enough about five weeks after that. I'll try my best not to. O, Balance, why are you so elusive?

I have big plans, though, for my post-packed-schedule time. Oh, yes. Our dearly beloved friends just welcomed their first child, Baby H, to the big, bright world on Saturday and we'll be visiting often. After Pic was born, I felt very isolated for about two years, almost entirely because of my own insecurities and inability to, well, invite people over or to actually go out with people, and I'm on a mission to make sure that Auntie C, who has been fabulous over the years, doesn't feel that way. (Not that she would, but it's a good excuse to hang out and enjoy other people's babies.)

Actually, if you're near, we'll be trying to visit many more people when our time is a lot more freed up. We have another set of friends who welcomed a new addition to their family about five weeks ago and we've been enjoying time with him. He and his siblings will be seeing much more of us in the somewhat near future, too, methinks. (You know who you are and I'm considering you sufficiently warned. Park days?)

Okay, so I have some work to do before I sleep, so I should probably get on that and stop rambling about taking up all the time of people who probably have plenty already to take up their time. Yeah.