Tuesday, May 6, 2008

random rambling

Just a few things today:

I had coffee today...never a good idea, but I just couldn't stop myself, obviously. Now, Pic is resting and I'm daydreaming of resting, fretting over papers due and catching up on blogs.

Pic is sick. :( She started getting sick a few days ago(she started talking in that wonderfully husky voice that's oddly entrancing and I knew we were in trouble). She woke up this morning coughing, sneezing and snotty. She was disappointed that we wouldn't be meeting with our regular Tuesday morning crowd and has been fantasizing about future picnics (or 'picmics' as she calls them) all day. When Cardo finally rolled out of bed this morning, I whined to him, "I'm sick...." His response, "This is not a good week for you to be sick." Yeah, thanks.

I receieved a ULINE catalogue in the mail today. "What's ULINE?" you ask. Well, they're shipping supply specialists. And why wouldn't they send me a catalogue? Just in time for me to order supplies to ship myself off to a very remote place.

I've drawn a somewhat crappy hand from the universe these last few weeks and the end of this semester has been the toughest one I've almost survived. At some point, I'll probably want to just sit in the presence of others and remember what it feels like to be a normal(ish) human, but for a bit, I'm mortaring myself into my familiar solitary space. Please don't take it personally -- it's just a defense mechanism so that I can make it through the next six days and emerge a somewhat sane person.