Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the wounded pie, demystified

I apologize for the lag between my posting of that picture and this explanation. I've been...

Anyway, one day last week, one of the hazy ones I don't remember so well, but I think it was Friday, I got a call from one of the teachers at Pic's school.

"I just wanted to call you and let you know that Pic had an accident on the playground today. She fell off of the slide, about two feet from the bottom -- she flipped off. She scraped her forehead and her cheek. She's fine and we've been watching to make sure she isn't acting strangely. She's fine...she just doesn't look like she did when you dropped her off."

Cardo picked her up from school that day, because I've been a pretty useless person lately, and by the time she got home, Pic was already so over her scrape that she didn't even rush to show me. Cardo had to coax her into the bedroom to let me ogle the gigantic scab so close to her eye. I'm sure her forehead isn't pretty, either, but the teachers put a waterproof bandage on it and I'm sure that it'll be weeks before we are able to remove it and see what's growing under there.

So, Pic's fine. She's three and kids live through these accidents all of the time and she isn't even concerned about this one (I think it's mainly because she can't see it).

Thanks to everyone for your concern. I'm just happy we weren't planning pictures.