Saturday, May 10, 2008

yes, we have been eating

Here are some recent dinner items I've put together. The first, I made tonight. Annie's shells and cheese to which I added yam and spinach puree. (You might not be able to tell, but the pasta has a green tint to it.) The second, I've made a couple of times in the last week or so. It's marinated bean salad with orzo. Yes, I'm a genius! Okay, so really, I made this because the Fearless Flyer gods suggested it. I did add the diced tomato and chopped basil all on my own, though. I have enough of this prepared to get me through the next several days, because that's how I make pasta apparently.


Brandi said...

Your bean salad w/orzo was yummy. I'll have to get the recipe from you. And I take it the pureed stuff in the mac n' cheese are so that they are unnoticed/unknown by picky eaters? Good ploy.

Crystal said...

Mmmmm that orzo salad looks DELICIOUS. It also looks like trouble, because between the beans and the tomatoes Miss I-Keep-My-Mommy-From-Having-ANY-Fun would be howling. Kids!! I am looking forward to the day she understands that Mother's Day means be nice to your mommy, not wake up every two hours and scream when Mommy is shopping in Kohl's.

Happy Mother's Day to you, by the way! Hope you had a good one!

Oh, and you're coming on Friday right, please tell me you are, please please...and Ali too!!