Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I woke up this morning to Pic asking me, over and over again, "I have sixteen lemonades, Mamma? I have sixteen lemonades, Mamma?" I'm never very coherent when I wake up (and I'm only partially so on most other occasions), so it took me a while to figure out what it was she wanted. It turns out, she wanted sixteen M&Ms (which she usually pronounces neminems or K&Rs when she's searching for whatever letters represent those little colorful circles).

Last week, we introduced Pic to M&Ms and she fell instantly and deeply in love. Usually she'll ask for four or five neminems and Cardo will give her four or five, whichever she specified. She gets upset because, clearly, that is not enough neminems for a growing toddler. She'll use her fingers to count out four and then she'll demand, "No! I want four neminems!" This is pretty amusing to Cardo. Eventually, he'll dole out more for her and she'll count until she has a good little coating of the bottom of her cup.

She'd like more neminems right now, but she still has eat something healthy. She's made it very clear to me with lots of whining and loud noises that she'd really prefer to eat neminems without having eaten anything healthy. Too bad, poor Pic.


Crystal said...

Mmmm, neminems. There should be some cosmic force that just doles them out when we need them...like now, which is, oh RSA-minus sixteen hours or so, and here i am again NOT working on my paper, just dawdling in the blog world again. Sigh. I'd like nine neminems, please.