Wednesday, May 14, 2008

thinking feminine thoughts

I haven't even gotten through all of this yet, but I had to share it.

I just love reading that I was 'designed' to become a wife.

Oh, and I love that my reproductive organs "constitute a sacred legacy." No wonder people keep trying to tell me that I can't stop at one kid.


kate said...

That's can't even find words. Ugh!

Crystal said...! ALL women need to know IMMEDIATELY that masturbation drains their life force. I mean, think of the life force draining that is happening all over the world on a daily basis! ha ha. Thanks for sharing makes me really glad to be living TODAY.

My mom is watching Scarlett so I can "work on my paper" but instead I am "playing on the internet." Oh well. Let's try to get together Wednesday for a work shop/discussion/idea forum/pre-conference de-stress session!