Thursday, September 17, 2009

and on we eat

Okay, so let me just apologize in advance for the food reviews and for the pictures: I apologize.

Alright, that said.

Tuesday night was cauliflower fritters and more broccoli. The recipe for the former was from Every Day with Rachael Ray. I'm not sure why I thought that I would like these, or why I thought they'd be a good idea. It turns out that I don't like fried food all that much and that I like to prepare it even less. I always become somewhat irked at the oil when it pops at me. (Really. I yell at it. It helps me.) I also don't like my apartment to smell like fried stuff. Cardo says that's how it should smell -- like we cook here -- but I always want the smell to immediately dissipate. Blech. It also turns out that not only does Cardo not really like broccoli, he also doesn't really like cauliflower. Pic, as I thought, wasn't too into it either, but that's just how she eats. I have to say that she did eat some of it, though.

Okay, so let me admit that I thought these would be a decent idea because the recipe is featured in the Take 5! section: the recipes contain five or fewer ingredients (not counting olive oil, salt and pepper). Yes, I'm lazy. No, I won't make these again. I'd much rather have either steamed cauliflower or blender cauliflower.

However, we did eat these on a blanket in the grass at the park. Right next to a row of leafy trees and, beyond them, the river. And, the weather was beautiful.

Last night, Cardo made dinner. He was scheduled to make chicken taquitos, which he did make, even though we had no lettuce or sour cream. Our taquitos looked so sad, so unadorned. They were simple but good enough. The color palette for our meal, though, consisted of corn and cornmeal (why are there so many paint colors named for food?). The carrots barely added a splash of color. Again, I apologize.

Nothing more fried this week please. Thank you.

So, tomorrow, I get to make that kale, potato, tomato thing. Oh, wait, that's Friday, I think. Tomorrow, we're having something like zucchini dip and broccoli, I believe. We probably need to eat our (store-bought) hummus, too. I suppose it'll be a dip-filled evening. Good for picnicking, though. Picnicking to be followed by an hour-long walk into the fading moments of summer.

Oh, and I had leftover baked ziti for breakfast today. It was good.