Tuesday, September 8, 2009

some weekend highlights

-- learning that Coach J toasts marshmallows like I open wrapped gifts, only with my tastier results (I think...I didn't end up eating any marshmallows toasted by her)

-- watching Uncle A, Mr M and Cardo play hacky sack

-- watching Pic slyly stretch her arm around X as he drove the Power Wheels Jeep around

-- laughing hysterically as Cardo attempted to stay on his half of the air mattress while I changed into my pajama shorts

-- sharing a peach with Baby K

-- marvelling at how often the people from the group camp site drove down for showers

-- gathering around the grill burner for s'mores

-- seeing the moonglow light up the sky

-- spending time with dearest friends and family


kate said...

This all sounds great. I'm glad you're getting in some relaxing fun times here at the end of summer.