Friday, September 4, 2009

quick psa

The next Savers sale is Labor Day, September 7th. Half-off used items. I'm planning on being there. Whether I'll actually buy anything remains to be seen. I don't know that I really need anything, I just like to go.

Also, Grassroots Books has moved to Grove Street, very near Costco. I like this location much better than the last -- it's larger and seems less chaotic. We went last weekend and Cardo said we could spend $10. He meant total, but we spend $24 or $22 or something, which comes out to less than $10-a-person, which is nice. We got nine new books: one for Cardo, five for me, three for Pic.

The next Booksale Bonanza for the Friends of the Washoe County Library is October 30-November 8 (the 7th is the half-off day and the 8th is the $6/bag day).

And, now, Cardo is probably cringing in his sleep, sensing that I'm even thinking about buying 'new' books.