Saturday, September 12, 2009

walking away the mean reds

So, yes, I finally did get out for a walk today. (I sound like I'm a dog.) Pic was whisked away to the excitement of a birthday party complete with piñata and goodie bags, so Cardo and I were left to our own devices. I was going to watch Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd, but the disk is broken. Instead, I ended up watching an episode-and-a-half of Gilmore Girls. Then, I started reading The Other Boleyn Girl as I soaked in the tub. Cardo was rotating the tires on his car. When he got back, I talked him into a walk with me.

We didn't do our usual walk, we stayed pretty close to home. We walked a path we haven't walked together for almost five years. The last time we ambled this way was October of 2004. It was freezing. My ears were so cold, they felt afire. It was dusk then too. I was about five months along with Pic.

So, tonight. I've been feeling in and out of a funk lately, and it's as if my soul needs to be out. My soul needs to be walked. Really, it does. Unless you don't believe in souls. Then something deep and indescribable inside of me needs to be out of the apartment. Cardo and I walked for an hour and it was truly restorative.*


* I just looked up 'restorative' and the example sentence fragment was, 'The restorative power of long walks.' I'm so wonderfully cliché.


Kat said...

I have stopped walking. For a while I was walking 3-6 miles everyday. And, wouldn't you know it, since the walks stopped, my anxiety has increased. My body feels heavier and achier, I just feel all around Less Good.Everyday,I say, today, I will begin walking again today. And I always find a reason not to. Thanks for the reminder of the Restorative power of walks.

On a side note. You are wise, not cliche.

Kat said...

I walked this morning. In part because of this post. Thanks.