Monday, September 21, 2009

please excuse this moment of sappy clicheness

(Yeah, 'clicheness' is so not a word, but there it is.)

I don't recommend watching the video because the sound is all off, but you can listen while browsing elsewhere. Oh, and it suddenly cuts off. A bit obnoxious, but the other videos I found are...not what I want either. Anyhow, you'll get the point.

-- John Denver: Leaving on a Jet Plane

My bags are packed, one stuffed full and one with only two pairs of shoes and my black coat. Um, yeah, who knows what I'll be forgetting. I'll be back at some point and I hope by then I'll have it all figured out. Suddenly, in this moment, this whole prospect seems so unreal.

I'll check in when I can. Please continue to send along your good thoughts. (Hey, with those and a bit of pixie dust, I can just skip the plane in my flight, right?)


Coach J said...

Have a great flight and HAVE FUN! What a great adventure!

kate said...

I'm hoping you're either in the air right now or about to touchdown in NY or somewhere near there and then on to LONDON! I can't believe it! I'm so excited for you!

Kate said...

Oh, my! John Denver (believe it or not) gets me every time anyway, but reading all that went into the flight you are taking or the new world you are about to embark upon-- I am alternating between chills and teariness! Hang in there, for the ups and downs of getting acquainted with your new town...and wishing you lots of joy at school, success in the housing hunt, and time's quick passage for the days the two of you will be separated....strength for the journey mama!

lotsofglue said...

I hope everything is well. Let us know.

oh oh--

Mecury is comming out of retrograde so around Oct 1st the extra stress from the retrograde will be so much better.

And around the 18th things will get better, we all need that!!!