Sunday, September 20, 2009

autumnal equinox... in two days. I'm not sure how we'll celebrate, but I'm thinking with food. I always want to celebrate with food. (You could say I am obsessed.)

So, what food says autumn to me? Squash. I'm thinking I could make pumpkin cake and acorn squash. I'll probably make the cake without frosting this time, because it really doesn't need it. As for the squash, I might make two: one savory and one sweet.

We'll also celebrate by (wait for it...wait for it) walking. Wow, something we never do, right? I know, it seems like all we ever do around here is walk, but it keeps me sane. And, our walks lately have been pretty close to divine, if I may. A nice cool breeze, the setting sun, and I've actually been a bit happier getting home by around eight o'clock again and not well after nine.

Just one more quick note: What are you guys reading? I cannot get into anything at all lately. I'm a lost cause. Help. And, thank you.


Coach J said...

Hey! If you need anyone to help eat your pumpkin cake, I'm willing to sacrifice. ;)

lotsofglue said...

Absolutly nothing. I cannot settle down to even finish the last book I commented about.