Saturday, September 12, 2009

personal growth...stunted

I'm STILL slowly sifting through the decades' worth of crap that is bogging down our office. I just came across a quasi-autobiographical piece, dated 27 February 1997, from which I've extracted the first sentence:

Okay, so I'm almost done with my sophomore year in high school and I still don't know in which direction I want to lead my life.

The rest is weird and then I realize I was writing some story that was basically about my life but with names changed to protect the innocent, or something. I've taken a lot of years off of writing weird crap (which is what it always seems like to me), but I might be slowly getting back to it.

Wait, where was I going with this? Oh, yes, por supuesto. My real-life self, twelve years later, still finds that above statement to ring entirely too true.

Ah, well.


Coach J said...

I think we all have those "where the hell am I going?" moments. They tend to suck, but I prefer to focus on where I am instead of where I may or may not be going. You'll find the right path. You may even be on it!

Kat said...

I don't think that you are in the same place now as you were all those years ago. You have finished several levels of college, including a graduate degree, you are a wife and a mother, and more. While you may be in the familiar place of trying to figure out the next step, it is an entirely different staircase.

I think you are awesome and that you have accomplished a lot. Hang in there the next step will reveal itself.

v said...

Thank you both. Coach J for the reminder to focus on where I am and Kat for the reminder of all the places I've been. Sometimes I lose focus.