Monday, November 2, 2009

6th grade art class

I think that's the last time my visual arts skills developed. There has been no subsequent growth. I'm trying to be unapologetic about that. Pic and I have begun having art time and I love to sit down and draw with her, but the frustration always threatens to bubble up.

It's probably been a good decade since I last really sketched and I miss it. I was always so upset, though, that what I was seeing -- with my eyes or in my head -- never matched what I was creating. I think I need to let up a bit on myself. I'm just so eager to find a talent, any talent, that I often don't give myself the time to actually develop one. (Let's not get into the whole, 'Is talent innate or can it be learned?' debate. The ancient Greeks were asking that same question and I'm pretty sure we still don't have it figured out.)

So, this month will be full of daily moments of drawing, coloring, painting. Maybe I'll get a be a little daring and try sketching again. We'll see.



Anonymous said...

My mom and I find our lack of artistic ability quite hilarious. We'll get grand ideas about projects, then when we try to put them into action, they are utter failures that send us into unending fits of giggles. She has managed to get rid of this curse when it comes to cake decorating, but alas, I have yet to find my escape from artistic failure. :)

Kat said...

Well according to the ancient greeks... oh you said NOT to debate the whole innate vs. learned concept. Sorry.

Creation is creation, no matter the outcome. Have fun and let it come. Hang everything you and Pic do on the wall and have an "art show" serve snacks. You can stand in front of it holding a snack and a drink and say "I think it is a commentary on the state of humanity."