Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ah, well

The first thing I thought this morning was not, 'Aaah, I really needed those ten-and-a-half hours of sleep. I was beyond exhausted last night.' No, it was, 'Oh, man, I didn't post anything last night!'

So, ah well. That was short-lived. Back to posting as usual, which might just be less pressure. That's okay with me. Maybe next year.

Anyhow, here're yesterday's items for donation:

These are all extra copies, which is exactly what happens when I don't catalogue my books (of course, then I'd have to take the list with me every time I left my apartment). I am still missing seven and twelve (The Penultimate Peril, I now have on hold at the library). I'm not loving these books, but I was really hoping to. They read so quickly though, that I just want to get through the series.


Kat said...

I hated having the whole pressure of posting on me. It is silly really, I mean it's my blog. I signed up for it, and yet, the pressure.

I love the idea of you carrying around your library catalogue everywhere you go. Remember the fancy booklet thing Rasmussen brought to class that one day? Ah, that was awesome.

gunma-gal said...

Hey, I'll buy those books off of you if you still have them. I've only read the first one.

gunma-gal said...

Oh, and as for NaBloPoMo, you did better than me. I forgot the first day. Ah, well!

kate said...

Just a moment...I'm picking my jaw up off the floor at the very idea that anyone ever gets 10.5 hours of sleep! :) I know just what you mean though-- I took two days off and felt so guilty (which is silly, I know, but still)... I've not read any of those books, but I'm tempted just for the covers alone;)