Friday, November 6, 2009

high praise, ecc

Thank you all for your recent (and ongoing, also) kind and wonderful words. I don't know how I do it, but I sometimes forget that there is more to me than just one identity. Yeah.

I'm just trying to work through some stuff, here, obviously. And, as I already know, I shouldn't post when I'm exhausted beyond belief. (Actually, I probably shouldn't be exhausted beyond belief.)


Decluttering anyone?

Two postcards I've had rustling around here since high school. I apparently have a lot of stuff left over from high school.

As Ms K commented, she finds it easier to give away others' belongings than one's own belongings. I completely agree! There are so many times when I want to just go in Pic's room and start giving stuff away from there. However, I've restrained myself relatively well so far, although I do have her choose toys that she no longer plays with to give away. (Cardo, in so many ways my opposite, isn't big on holding onto stuff, so I there isn't much to raid there, even if the temptation took me.)


Anyhow, tomorrow? A date! (Date number two if you count today's lunch with Ms B!). Cardo and I will try to find Pic's winter gift and then, I hope, we'll spend a little time for just the two of us. I'm envisioning...a walk. I'm definitely a cheap date.


Anonymous said...

I gave you incorrect info yesterday. Livejournal has its own codes to "hide" part of a post under a link. It's called an lj-cut. I don't know if blogger has anything similar. Sorry.

Kat said...

Those post cards are hilarious! They scream 1992!