Friday, November 13, 2009

happy friday the thirteenth...

...just because!

So, I've just seen both my parents and my child off to their respective beds (kind of, my parents are actually using my bed tonight and Cardo and I will be using the couch bed...just to clear that up) and all is well and quiet. It's nice to have company.

Pic has already wowed them (or something) with her humor and knowledge. They've been treated to her wonderfully logical jokes ('Why did the balloon go up and up? Because it was full!'). Also, she made sure everyone near us at dinner tonight was clear that 'boys have penises and girls have vaginas!'. Just to clear that up. (I haven't quite gotten into the many nuances and biological possibilities that really keeps her statement from being stark fact.)

Now, I'm off to catch up on others' blogs, watch a little Monk on the computer (possibly) and maybe do some word puzzles and/or reading. Wow, I am a party girl, no doubt about it.



Disney Princess shelf paper? Something like that. I'm still not sure how Pic talked Papi into buying this for her, but here it is uselessly taking up space more than a year later. Ah, well, into the give-away bag it goes.


Dianne said...
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lotsofglue said...

I cannot wait until Nikki starts to turrets that to everyone:)