Sunday, May 30, 2010

it really is close to midnight

In the last year or so, maybe less, I've been very into listening to podcasts. I've noticed that I've watched a lot less tv, but I've replaced that with reading blogs and finding new podcasts to love.

Recently, I was listening to a Stuff You Should Know podcast on LEGO bricks. They mentioned a LEGO Thriller and I, of course, had to look it up. As they mention in the show, the video didn't make the transition to digital all that well, but it's still fun to watch. (I cannot help but marvel at the amount of time and attention to detail it must have taken to have made the video.)

"'Thriller'...with Legos"

"Michael Jackson - Thriller" [The layout for this YouTube video is weird. I've got some "Rihanna Rated R" ad on the side of mine. Sorry. And, the comments, at least the most recent few I browsed, are somewhat hilarious. No, Michael Jackson did not die in the ill-fated Pepsi commercial mishap. And...I cannot get behind calling him MJ.]

Wow, it's been a long time the actual "Thriller" video.