Sunday, August 1, 2010

varied nosh

I certainly won't be posting every dinner we eat over this next month, but it seemed weird to not at least start with tonight's. Actually, I've felt in a bit of a funk today and almost didn't bother with making anything. I'm thinking it's coming down off of yesterday, a day full of eating only kind of well. Now, I'm paying for that. It's also trying to move back into eating well after a whole month of indulging very often. When I get hungry and I'm trying to eat in a way that won't cause me to gain several inches in a ridiculously short amount of time, I tend to wait too long to eat and then I get sick. (Wow, that was a long sentence.) Basically, I'm admitting that I'd much more quickly pick up and consume something unhealthy than something healthy.* Ah, well.

So, for dinner tonight, I really wanted to eat the vegetables that will all-too-soon be languishing in our crisper. I find myself daydreaming of days when it'll be much cooler in our home and I can then roast vegetables. Today, though, I went for sauteing (that word doesn't even look right). I think I might have, at some point in my life, sauteed vegetables before, but I won't hold myself to that. It's just not as good, as far as I'm concerned, as roasting. I threw some brown rice in the mix (yellow squash, zucchini, broccoli, olive oil) and waited until I was too hot to stand over the stove any longer. I added a dose of soy sauce and called it dinner. It was passable. If only I knew how to make rice with actual flavor.

I'm hungry again. What to eat? What to eat?


A couple more food notes. The other day, I went on another food-making frenzy. Our dearly beloved friends invited us over for a barbecue. Again, I made the Moosewood blueberry cornbread. Although I had to let it get mighty brown, it was completely baked and I rather liked it. The blueberries keep the bread moist. I also made another cornbread variation, the Mexican cornbread, minus the pieces of corn. Basically, it was cheesy cornbread with green onions. It was okay -- a little dry and would probably be better hot (we ate it much later than it came out of the oven).

Pic and I also made bittersweet chocolate truffle ice cream (I got the recipe from a library book...I can't recall which it was). We didn't take this to the barbecue, as it wasn't ready, but we did eat it a couple of days later, after we had topped it with homemade whipped cream. Actually, it took Pic a couple of days to eat hers, while I ate my bowl in one sitting. The whole batch is gone as of last night.

We did bring a chocolate treat with us to the barbecue, though: vegan chocolate cake, also from Moosewood. (I swear I don't have some deal with Moosewood, I am just on a Moosewood kick right now.) Also, I seemed to be missing an ingredient from every recipe I checked, until I came on this one. The cake was super simple to make and it was good. Cardo ate two pieces, which is so not like him. We sifted confectioner's sugar over the top of the cake. Pic insisted that we bring candles so each of the diners would have a candle to blow out. Only after we had each blown out our one candle did she announce that that was how we had earned our piece of cake.


* I've read that food is not "healthy" but "healthful" but I'm having a problem with "unhealthful" sounding like an actual word to me.