Tuesday, May 6, 2008

the child will not sleep

It's 11:34 at night and Pic is still awake. After Cardo got home from work, we walked to Beach Hut Deli and had dinner and then had ice cream at Coldstone. So...either the sandwich-maker put a little something special in her sandwich or the ice cream-maker put a little something special in her strawberry ice cream with white "chocolate" chips.

Right now, she's in her room, repeating "I can't find my bra-ce-wet." (This is how she pronounces "bracelet".) Then she told Cardo, "Papi, find my bra-ce-wet right now!" He responded, from the hallway, on the other side of the closed door, with "Go. To. Sleep." To which she responded, "I'm happy to see you Papi. Don't be nice to me."

Maybe her cold has gone to her brain.

(I so need to be writing school papers, but this is incomprehensibly hilarious to me right now.)


Brandi said...

Vickie, I find the conversation between Ricardo and Ali hilariously entertaining. :D I feel a bit loopy right now, though, and I feel that Ali and are are probably on the same wavelength.

Anonymous said...

Is the little one picking up your sarcastic tone already? That's just funny.