Monday, August 18, 2008

all's been quiet on the western front

I apologize for having been so silent here. (I've only been silent in the blogosphere, let me assure you.) I have both plenty to say and nothing to say. For now, I'll just post pictures of some of our most recent purchases that in Project Greening of La Casa B.

This is my new yoga mat. It's cute. I ordered it from Barefoot Yoga. It's made from PER. Here's the description from the site. (This isn't the ideal material, I know, but at about $20, it's the most I can afford.)

For those who want a more eco-friendly mat, this new environmentally friendly Yoga mat is made of “PER” (Polymer Environmental Resin), a material that is considerably more sensitive to the environment and your health than most Yoga mats made of PVC. This mat does not contain phthalates or heavy metals and its method of production is completely non-toxic.

These are our new stainless steel water bottles. So much less expensive than Klean Kanteens. I hope they're great. We just got them in the mail today. The emerald one is mine, the sapphire is Cardo's and the silver is Pic's. They are by New Wave Enviro...I ordered them here, from Nubius Organics.

Costco finally started selling environmentally-friendly dishwashing liquid. Believe you me, I've been looking. We've been buying the ECOS laundry detergent for quite some time now. (And, I no longer use dryer sheets...less waste!) Because I like to buy in bulk, we are still using up the rest of the dishwashing soap I bought from Costco quite some time ago. I had just about given up on them, and was going to buy some at Trader Joe's, but I prefer to buy in bulk.

I think I put pictures of our lunch bags up before, but here's mine again anyway. (Pic's is at school with her right now.) I also bought that from Nubius Organics, here. Both Pic's and my lunch bags are by Mimi the Sardine.

Of, course, I continue to love my Chico Bags.

All this being put together, typed out, pictures posted, I have to draw attention to the fact that I bought all of this online (excepting two of my Chico Bags and the dish soap). This means, all of this has been shipped. I'm hoping that the reusable factor will outweigh the shipping factor.

Okay, Cardo has to use the computer and I have to fold, wash, dry, put away laundry.


Coach J said...

You are very eco-friendly. I have a hard time putting energy into greenizing every bit of my house, but I would like to get solar panels. Hooray for lower energy bills.

Coach J said...

Oh, and here's that daddy blog I was telling you about:

Anonymous said...

In addition to no dryer sheets, you could just air dry your laundry during the summer. This conserves LOADS of energy, and things dry within an hour or two. Not bad.

Anonymous said...

I dry my stuff on the deck. I have a drying rack. I usually have too much to fit on there, though, so I do the same as you; I put it in the bathroom on the shower rod. If even that is not enough, I drape things over doors. :)

Anonymous said...

I got the laundry rack at either Wal-mart or Target.