Sunday, August 24, 2008

(copious amounts of) glorious food

I know this first one looks nothing like copious. Simple: rice pilaf, portabello mushrooms I really needed to use (I sauteed these) and copious amounts of chopped spinach. Oh, and a healthy sprinkle of wheat germ.

All hail the copiousness! When Nana and Papa were here recently, Cardo and I made dinner one night. Bruschetta: both tomato/basil and cannellini. Guacamole (made by the talented husband) and portabello sandwiches with mesclun and sauteed green onions. It was good but entirely too much for us to eat. We had a few bruschette left over. Actually, I could go for some of this right now, especially because I just ate sugar on a stick (an orange Tootsie Roll Pop).


Crystal said...

Every time you post about food it makes me want to RUN to the cupboard! You are a fab cook my dear. Missed you at the picnic this last week...hope all is going well. Yes, I should be working on prepping for my, I'm not done yet...ARGH!