Thursday, August 21, 2008

the child continues to mock me

The other day, Pic woke up and joined Cardo downstairs. (I was blissfully sleeping in…not for long.) The first thing she did was come over and turn on the computer. She explained to Cardo, “I’m checking my students.” Ah, yes.

Oh, and the mocking continued, in a much cuter way, tonight. She was in the backseat fiddling with one of the fifty-gazillion objects back there and suddenly exclaimed, “Holy crudmuffin!” Definitely my child.

(By the way...those scratches, that's what happens when you annoy the cat for entirely too long.)


kate said...

"Crudmuffin" slipped out once at school while I was in the teacher's lounge. I thought soda was going to come out of the other teacher's noses.