Thursday, August 28, 2008

summer colds...

...suck. I'm sick. It came on today. It's not just allergies.

We got up at five this morning to get Cardo to the airport for a work trip. Pic dozed for some minutes in the car on the way home and then not again until we got back in the car at noon. Then, again, she dozed for a few minutes. Two of the three things I had planned today had to be cancelled, due to sickness and lack of childcare. Ugh.

I did eat today, though. Smoothies, pizza, breadsticks (these last won't be pictured...we didn't make them but bought them from zpizza).

Apple juice, bananas, mixed frozen fruit (pineapples, strawberries, mangos, papayas), wheat germ, honey.

Trader Joe's whole wheat pizza dough, fresh mozzarella, royal gala apples (from TJ's), prosciutto (from TJ's).

This dinner was brought to us tonight by the letters "T" and "J."


Coach J said...

So it wasn't allergies, huh? Sorry to hear you don't feel well. If you need some time to rest, let me know and I can take Pic this afternoon.

kate said...

Wow that pizza looks sooo good. Awesome job! And I'm sorry you're sick. Hope you're all better soon.