Saturday, August 30, 2008

cardo has discovered you tube

Cardo has a new iPod and has been obsessively using it lately. He's been checking out a bunch of You Tube videos and making me watch them too. Here's one he asked me to watch last night.

Other than this, I'm just taking it a bit easy, trying to get over this influenza/cold/horribleness. We're hoping to be able to make it out for a walk later, although we'll have to be pretty slow-going for me. My body is tired and my muscles are mutinying a bit (I did absolutely no exercise yesterday, other than walking up and down the stairs for class. Actually, I slept. This was the first time I can remember, since Pic's been here, that I've actually been able to rest when I was sick. Usually, I still have to be up, taking care of the apartment, Pic, my own neverending reading, responding, planning stuff. Yesterday, Pic was at school. I cut my day waaay short and left. I had only gotten three hours of sleep, from after three until after six, waking up too many times in between. When I got home yesterday, I slept for six hours. Then, I slept another eight hours last night! That's more sleep than I get in some months.

Anyhow, I'm going to go make some hot tea and lay down a bit more.


kate said...

I love that video. It cracks me up.