Tuesday, August 5, 2008

insomnia attacks again! (just like those smells from starbucks)

Okay, since I'm planning for later today and not sleeping, I just thought I'd share. Why can't I be this creative when I'm delirious with lack of sleep?

A couple of Alices (RHPS and Tool). Not my favorite movie, but these are fun anyway (at least they are for me right now).

Also, I've never seen 300, but I admire these people's lack of inhibitions. If only...

Must sleep. Must sleep. Tomorrow, we'll be seeing Ms Judy for story time. We didn't see her last week because it was early voting and the thought of one storytime with all of us pretending to be salty little sardines in the cottage was not appealing to me. (Did I just type "tomorrow"? Yes. I meant TODAY!) Sleep.