Monday, September 22, 2008


Yesterday, in a search for disallowed curtains for the apartment, we stopped by Mervyn's. We had already gone to Savers (no luck) and Goodwill (we got one set of curtains and three sets of cloth napkins). We didn't end up getting any curtains from Mervyn's, but Pic was allowed to choose one toy (Cardo's idea). I browsed purses and Cardo and Pic went to check out the toys. Pic came running up to me with her new Barbie...ugh. Cardo said that she could have the (somewhat weird-looking) Barbie, though, so she's now Pic's. Pic has named her Cinderella...again, ugh.

Anyhow, Pic has an Ariel Barbie-doll that that used to belong to me (hey, I might not be a fan now, but I was something of a fan when I was younger...of both Barbie and that little mermaid). Last night, Ariel and Cinderella got married on the coffee table. Today, Pic gave us an update.

"Cinderella and Ariel got married and lived happily ever after. Then they had green beans!"


Anonymous said...

She says the funniest things. Post more of the same, please. ;)

But does her statement imply that she rather likes greenbeans? Since they are, after all, part of the happily ever after. Yum.