Saturday, September 27, 2008

impromptu trip

We were moping around the good ol' apartment this morning when I suggested we head over to Roseville. I have this wanderlust or something and I want to hit the freaking road already. Soon enough, it'll be snowy and it'll take us seven hours to make a three-hour trip (ah, the joys of our spur-of-the-moment trip last winter break).

I was hoping to pick up a pair of Keens at the Nordstrom at the Galleria at Roseville (there's more to the name, but we're not that acquainted and I can't remember the rest), but, well, no kicks. We did stroll a bit in the crowded mall. Then, we headed over to Mimi's (where I ate good pasta that I could easily make at home and, I hope, I soon will and some not so great dessert that I had high hopes for...ah, well) and finally to REI where we bought nothing.

On the drive home, as we neared the border, I kind of yelled out, "We're getting closer to home!" (sometimes I'm unnecessarily loud) and the following song popped into my head. I tried to buy the album recently at Recycled Records, but no tunes.

When I got home, sweet coupons, I saw that Nubius Organics is having a sale on reusable water bottles and I found some really groovy ones (hey, why not groovy, what with GFR and all?).