Sunday, September 14, 2008


Pic has a collection of pre-owned (gotta love the spin, no? I thought not) My Little Ponies. None of these were at one time mine, although I did, for whatever insane reason, like this show when I was little.

Anyhow, Pic was introducing them to me a few minutes ago. One, a giant pegasus, who I suspect is not really an MLP, has been named Sissy. The others all have names including the 'a-as-in-father' sound and some combination of 'f,' 'd' or 'm.' As a few of the ponies were introducing themselves to me, they'd give me another bit of information about themselves.

"My name is Fadah, and I don't have an owie," one told me.

My favorite, though: "My name is Damah, and I don't breathe."


gunma-gal said...

Well, technically, the horst doesn't breathe, but that sounds so morbid!