Wednesday, September 10, 2008

plannin' and dreamin'

Okay, so I actually despise that song, but the words worked for the title. Anyhow...

We saw dearly beloved Auntie C and Uncle A tonight. We invited them out for dinner as a thank you for watching Pic for us recently. Also, we just wanted to see them.

While we ate, we made plans to head out to Apple Hill sometime in the coming weeks. I asked C if they were thinking of going and she said definitely. Meanwhile, both A and Cardo were nodding their heads, indicating, "Yes...we're going...we've had this discussion about thirty-five times already." Apparently C and I have both been pestering our sig ots ("significant others" for those of you who don't live in my head...please, no philosophical discussions, thank you) about an autumn trip over there.

Have I mentioned autumn is my favorite season? Well, it is.

We're also thinking of taking Pic to a pumpkin patch this autumn. I hope they have one out at Bartley Ranch. And, somewhere close to Halloween/Nevada Day, we'll take her out to the children's museum in Carson and then, as is our annual tradition, for a walk or drive to look at the houses all gussied up for Halloween.

In other news (it's news if it doesn't apply to me), Pic has her first black eye. While she was rolling up her "nap nap" (this is how she refers to her nap mat and I'll be sad the day she starts saying nap mat instead), another kid accidentally kicked her in the face. She also fell on the playground and has a bandaid on her arm. Then, as we were walking to the restaurant for dinner tonight (it's close enough for us to walk there...score!), she tripped on the curb and bumped her head on the ground. Poor little Pixie Pie. She had a rough day. Now, we'll have a long night of checking on her to make sure she's okay as she sleeps.

Speaking of sleep, I'm exhausted. And, yes, it's only a quarter to ten. I'm getting old in my old age (Pic told us tonight, "When I was three, I was three...years old."). I think I'll go lay down now. Maybe.


I'm baaack. Let me add one more thing. I was just checking some quotes of the day site. Here's the first one:

Eat a live toad the first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day. -- anonymous

So gag-inducing. However, also appropriate as Cardo is watching Man vs Wild right now. Bear Grylls is probably about to eat something equally disgusting in a few minutes here.

It also makes me think of that part of Encino Man when Link takes a bite of an obviously fake frog that would have been his dissection project. Ah, Brendan Fraser. And Sean Astin. Two out of five ain't bad.


gunma-gal said...

Weez the juice. 'Nuff said?

Oh, and the title of your post, does that refer to the song that opens the movie My Best Friend's Wedding (which has been on TBS almost constantly this past week)?