Saturday, September 13, 2008

my newest scheme

My newest life plan (this is something that changes very often, people) is to move to the nor'eastern part of this country. I'll go to school there, get yet another degree and then I'll magically know what I'm doing next. (This whole plan does not preclude me applying to/being accepted to/scrounging up the money for/going to England for a year.)

I'll live in a small town where Pic and I won't be the only people out for a walk the majority of the time. I'll live close to a cute park and a nice public library. I'll be able to see mountains. I'll have friends.

I won't be so filled with doubt and uncertainty.

Oh, and I'll meet Dolly Parton. Not necessarily in the northeast, but I've been hooked on listening to the eleven or so songs I have by her lately.

Ah, I can hardly wait. I also think that I've been watching too much Murder, She Wrote lately. Whenever I watch that, I idealize small New England towns.

Oh, oh, though, if I was in the area, I could track down and meet Catherine Newman, very favorite blogger in all of the world.


Anonymous said...

I have a plethora of "plans," too. Currently, this involves NY, culinary stuff, and teaching. It's kind of a secret of mine, so really, I shouldn't be posting it here.

Anyway, about the chicken, yes, I usually do flip it halfway through, but I didn't for the chicken in the picture.

Crystal said...

Oooh I like that plan. Some of mine are: I'll live in a big culture-filled city like Portland or Boston and shop at independent stores that I can walk to and take public transportation everywhere. Or, I'll go back overseas and live there while I write my dis. Or, I'll drop out of school and live the low-stress life of a bus driver. Dreams, dreams...