Wednesday, September 17, 2008

literary musings

(You'll have your doubts about that title in a moment here.)

Like Coach J, I need to read something non-academic before I head off to Dreamland. Lately, I've been reading the Kinsey Millhone mysteries (nothing too lofty for me, mind you).

I am somewhat in love with Grafton's writing...only more than somewhat. I want to underline and collect some of her lines, storing them away in a happiness box for when I'm feeling the blues (or the mean reds).

Here's one I recently came across and it made me giggle aloud:

"As it is, we could not call mine a beautiful puss, but it does the job well enough, distinguishing the front of my head from the back." -- from "F" Is for Fugitive.


This is transcribed from a napkin I jotted it down on earlier while I was waiting around to conduct workshop conferences.