Monday, September 8, 2008

food, both good and bad

Yes, even after I wrote that raaaambling post earlier, I have more to spew at you. Yesterday, I checked out How to Cook Everything at the library. I’m excited about this book. Now I really want to buy it. I was just flipping through it (at 2:30 this morning) and I was tempted to get up and make some sweet and some savory scones (or skunks, as Cardo calls them). Mmm. Okay, I’m definitely thinking about food now. Big surprise.

By the way, dinner was kind of gross, actually. I don't recommend the Trader Joe's chicken piccata stuff. I'm sure this is a 'duh' moment. I could have made something on my own that would have tasted so much better...probably. I'll post both tonight's dinner (for which I made blender cauliflower with broccoli and carrot blended in) and dinner from a few nights ago. It was another TJ's dinner. I had a momentary urge to buy all of the available prepared chicken dinners in that section of the store and I, for whatever reason, couldn't resist. I think I'll be able to next time.