Monday, September 8, 2008

it's only week three

This is only the third week I've been back, and I'm already exhausted. Okay, so there wasn't really a time when I wasn't, some time of rest, but I feel that I should be more well-rested. This is, of course, completely ironic because if I really want to feel more well-rested, I need to get more rest. Duh.

And, this whole sun sleeping in later thing isn't going to work so well for me. When the sun sleeps in, I want to sleep in. This morning, I kept thinking, "It can't be 5:54...there isn't any light outside."

Ah, well.

I'll post an actual post about the weekend (balloons, stalking, grocery shopping) later. For now, I need to mentally prepare myself for my next ten hours here. Also, I need to think about food, because that's what I do...think about food. I just ate some bar thing that tasted like dry cereal stuck together with marshmallow paste (I know, not a real thing). Later, I'll have a depressing sandwich from Port of Subs, probably. Next Monday, I really need to pack my lunch.


kate said...

Are you the stalker or the stalkee? I need to know these things.