Thursday, July 23, 2009

7 years...

...just kidding. It's just that I feel that this post is taking forever and a year to write. Anyhow, here's (most of) what went down.

As I've mentioned, this year was the first in which Cardo and I actually planned something special for ourselves in celebrating surviving this monogamy-thing. Actually, we kind of suck at planning and we made vague references to things that we might enjoy. We tossed around the idea of seeing Much Ado at the Shakespeare Festival, but the tickets we were looking at would have cost us $80 total. Also, I felt that this was something more for me than for us. We also planned on seeing a movie one of our evenings. We also planned (we're big dreamers of big vague dreams) to stay in a bed-and-breakfast, but, again, the pricing is what kept us (meaning me) from going for it.

So, now that I've explained all of the things that might have, but then didn't, go down, here's (most of) what did actually happen.

Saturday, we were to drop Pic off with a friend in the early evening. I woke up to Cardo being gone (working on his car? off to Pick'n'Pull?) and Pic excitedly informing me, 'I cleaned my room! My sleeping bag is ready! I have my pajamas! I'm ready to go to Ms F's!' Um, yes, only eight hours to kill. We took her to Goodwill where she found a pogo stick -- whee! (I had told her that we could maybe get her one if we found one there...I wasn't really expecting her to find one. It has lived in Papi's car since then.) Then, we took her to ride on the ferris wheel at Scheels. Three dollars total. Cheap thrills. At one point, when Cardo, Pic and I were stopped at almost the top of the wheel, Pic asked, 'This [our seat] isn't going to fall, is it?' I assured her that it wouldn't (as if my will would hold it up regardless), but then, for the rest of the ride, I was obsessed with the idea. Great. Finally, we ended up dropping Pic off.

Cardo and I forewent (a word?) the b-and-b and ended up staying at a hotel in Carson. On checking in, the woman at the desk asked me if I was indeed over twenty-one. Cardo just loves this. Oh-so-much. (Not really. Not even a little, not even at all.) He feels like people are assuming he's some kind of dirty ol' man. Our room was ridiculously large. I didn't share my weird gnawing guilt about the unecessary space with Cardo, and I tried to ignore it myself.

On Saturday evening, Cardo and I ate dinner at Red's Old 395 Grill. It was hot and Cardo was annoyed with our server, but it was okay. After dinner, we attended Best of Broadway, put on at the Brewery Arts Center and performed by the Sierra Nevada Ballet, along with Cami Thompson and the Cami Thompson Trio. I loved the performance (especially the tap, as I've mentioned). Cardo says that he also enjoyed the show, and I hope that's true and he's not just trying to appease me. The show was in a parking lot across the street from the BAC. There was a stage erected in one corner, a snack stand to the right of he stage and port-o-potties (without inside lighting, which ended up being fun for some people) in the back left corner. Cardo and I sat on the outside aisle on the left, in plastic folding chairs, nearest the outhouses. The seats were actually pretty nice -- we were close to the band -- except for after intermission when a certain aroma came wafting over to us.

Anyhow, the music was fun and the performers seemed to genuinely enjoy performing. Too bad we probably won't be here in a few years when there's an amphitheatre and grass and a better bathroom situation. I really missed live theatre.

Because the first night's activity was more for me, I asked Cardo to choose the movie for our second night. We ate dinner and then went to the Summit to watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Somehow, I didn't realize they were already on the sixth movie, so I had no idea what movie we were going to be watching. Cardo wasn't sure which it was going to be either. Our tickets said 'Harry Potter and th.' Not exactly helpful. I had been planning on only watching the rest of the movies (I've seen the first and second and various parts of the third) once they were all out (and, I've just learned that the last book is being made into two movies...I haven't kept up on the movies, obviously). So the movie...yeah.

As for the rest of the weekend, it was great. Cardo and I both missed Pic. It was strange to be away from her (those two days...the longest we've both been away from her at once) and I missed seeing her first thing in the morning. However, I hadn't felt for so long that I don't know that I remember feeling that way. Maybe when we were dating and newly married and we'd have sex in the afternoon without worrying that Pic would wake up and cry or, more recently, come in to see what we're doing. It's amazing how instantly that went away on being home again, though. Sorry Cardo. We'll have to get away, just the two of us, a bit more often than once every four years.

So, this has been long enough. As usual, it's entirely way past my bedtime (as if such a thing exists). I'm just trying to get back into the habit of composing/sharing here.