Thursday, July 9, 2009

inter-species unions

Kilmeade, in this less-than-a-minute, is completely offensive. (At least, he completely offends me.) Part of it is probably that he's speaking live and hasn't had a chance to write and then read his response, but mainly, I think, this is how he feels, no matter how badly he's articulating his beliefs here.

First, how does he propose we go about things here in the US? Being of Irish, Italian and English descent (two of which he lists after speaking about different species), how would I ever get married? He'd probably very much disapprove of the union I've chosen -- my husband is Mexican (Cardo doesn't know much about his family's history).

But, really, other species? He must have attended (or at least heard of) some pretty interesting weddings.

(And, I don't believe that all Finnish people only marry other 'pure' Finnish people; nor do I believe that is true for the Swedish. But, you know, I'm not all that familiar with the 'rules' in Finland and Sweden.)

At least, at least, he ends with 'That's what I think.'