Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I have a profile at a site I visit once weekly to read the superb Catherine Newman's writing. There're now a lot of little things to play with on the profile page and I clicked on the 'add stickers' option. The first two I saw were the following: 'i rock his last name' and 'allways and forever.' Both listed in the 'wedding category.' (The wedding category just happened to be at the top, I didn't specifically search it out.)

In response to the first: My sardonic inner voice replied, 'Um, I don't think so.' It just really bugs me. Actually, I have taken on Cardo's last name, in addition to my own (handed down through my dad's side of the family) last name.

The second: allways? (Maybe this is kind of how I always use 'alright' even though it isn't standard. Or, how I've become so lazy that I've been using the single quote marks here and in my other personal writing for a short while. Hmm.)


In other non-news: I need stuff to read. I was reading Coach J's post on Infinite Jest and her other summer reading and feeling a bit woeful. I've been having an incredibly difficult time this summer getting it together (I'm getting by and it's nothing as bad as last summer, thanks be) and this includes the reading situation. I've been catching up on blogs, but I'm also wanting books here. I'll figure it out. Actually, Sunday, I started reading Silent Spring again, but I was reading it to Cardo (he's not read it before) so now I feel like I have to wait until he's around to read it. I should be bringing it on our walks, I suppose, but, duh, I just thought of that now, not three hours ago when we went for our walk. Let me just tell you, though, even though the book is now definitely dated -- so much has changed (for better? for worse? both, I think) since it was published -- Rachel Carson is completely blowing Cardo's mind.